Our physical exhibitions have been postponed due to Covid-19 so we are exhibiting Feel My Metaverse online for a limited period of time. Set in a speculative future, the principles and structures of this reality were grounded in the contemporary. However, since Covid-19 the narrative which is set far in the future feels much closer to home.

You think life is hard on earth? Try living in a metaverse, with multiple bodies and realities, it’s quite exhausting. But don’t worry, the Uber 3000 Moral Compass™, has advanced beyond human intelligence, with in built psychiatry and ultimate knowledge. It's not just to get you from one destination to another physically, but from within.

In not too long, as predicted the climate crisis rendered the earth uninhabitable. Alipay promptly disseminated Life Pods, dwelling facilities which enabled users to escape into virtual worlds. To turn a new chapter and rid ourselves of responsibility they simply renamed the earth, Base Reality. Meanwhile Alipay’s unforgiving points system flourished; users are required to win points in order to sustain their base body. Feel My Metaverse explores the daily lives of three characters Pando, O and C, and their experiences in Pome Sector a corporate wellness world, 068 a beta VR world and Base Reality. In 068 you are in a constant state of learning and unlearning where you unlearn from role play by occupying different bodies and learn through connecting with your senses. Feel My Metaverse, explores two polarising realities that manifested since the mistakes we made on what we once called The Earth.